Equine Fitness 'Stay Cold' Boots

  • No gel

  • No chemicals

  • No hassle

  • No mess

  • Completely natural

  • Don't overheat

  • Last for years

  • Works by evaporative cooling


Unlike any other cooling products or boots we have tried these 'Stay Cold' boots are designed to stay cool for the optimum time for cooling and healing without over heating.


Hand made in England especially for Equine Fitness from a unique three layer evaporative cooling fabric.


The outer shell is made from a quick drying breathable fabric which allows moisture to evaporate carrying with it the heat from the horse's leg. The middle layer is an absorbent wadding and the inner layer ia a cellular micro-fibre light, patented material that is very gentle on the skin and protects from 'ice burn' whilst keeping the legs at the optimum temperature to reduce swelling.

These boots can be as effective 1 hour or 1 day after coming out of the freezer or out of water. They have an astonishing ability to stay cold for hours (even days!) They can be used over and over again.

Lifetime Guarantee!



Horse owners and trainers have long known the value of cold therapy. Cold therapy is especially helpful in reducing inflammation and controlling pain.

In response to injury, tissues release a variety of chemicals and vasoactive substances (cytokins, prostaglandins, leukotines) that produce a cascade effect of reactions, ultimately resulting in localized swelling, heat and pain.

Applying cold therapy to a tissue injury, limits the inflammatory response by causing the blood vessels to constrict (vasoconstriction). This limits the blood flow to the injured site, moderating the release of the vasoactive substances and thus minimizes the pain and swelling in the afflicted area.


The purpose of cold therapy is to break the cycle of inflammatory response before it causes cell damage. Cold treatment greatly reduces the amount of tissue lost to secondary injury.


After working your horse the sooner you can reduce the temperature to the tendons the better. Wrapping the legs in ice cold bandages only results in the bandages heating up within minutes and then getting too hot restricting the air flow to the legs.

For as long as there is heat and swelling cold therapy will help. 



Soak the 'Stay Cold' boots in salty water for 20 minutes - the salt will really help if there are any cuts or scrapes 


Put them in the freezer. After exercise put the 'Stay Cold' boots straight on before you walk the horse off. The sooner the tendons are cooled the better.


After 20-30 minutes take the boots off and re-soak them.


If you normally bandage up for the journey put the 'Stay Cold' boots over the top of the bandages. The legs will continue to cool.


If you don't normally bandage then put the re-soaked boots back on for the journey home.


The air temperature was 8 deg C and the horse had just completed a piece of work.

After ONE HOUR with 'Stay-Cold' boots on, the legs were between 8 and 18 degrees Centigrade lower than they would have been with any other product.

Trial results.jpg