Girth Heart Monitor

Girth Heart Monitor


A girth heart monitor is a patented girth containing a heart rate monitoring device, used in training to assess the fitness of a horse. 


This EXCLUSIVE heart monitor has everything you could want in an easy to use heart monitor for horses.


The Wahoo technology pairs with your smart phone and records up to 16 hours of work out times. All you have to do is download the App, and press start before your work out. You can then see the maximum heart rate, the average and the recovery rate. It will also show you the average speed and distance.


The Equine Fitness Girth Heart Monitor is invaluable for plotting your horses fitness regime and gives you a good insight into just how fit your horse really is.  


For detailed information please click here, or to order simply select the quantity and the length of race girth you require. 

  • Returns

    A full refund will be given if the girth heart monitor is returned clean and in good condition within 10 days and with a valid reason.