Dee Snaffle Eggbutt Lightweight Normal Plate

Dee Snaffle Eggbutt Lightweight Normal Plate


The DSEL (Dee Snaffle Eggbutt Lighweight) bit can be used for all equestrian disciplines.


Perfect for the young horse.The lozenge plate keeps the tongue in position and develops the muscles in the tongue to encourage it to stay in the right postion, thereby reducing the need for a tongue tie in the future. The bit also encourages the horse to take up the bit as there is no pain involved.


The bit arms have limited travel reducing outer ring pressure preventing pain to the cheeks and lips and the centre joint is 14mm lower than other bits preventing roof rubbing. The plate also prevents bit pinching. Arms do not hinge downwards thereby preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars.



  • Provides better oxygen supply.
  • Proven to prevent bleeding at exercise (EIPH).
  • Stop the bit pinching the tongue,
  • Stop the horse getting the tongue over the bit,
  • Prevent the tongue hanging out the side of the mouth,
  • Stop the horse pulling or bolting,
  • Prevent the horse hanging and rearing,
  • Stop the horse headshaking,
  • The WTP bit also acts as a more effective and kind anti-rearing bit.