Girl with Horse

French Elastic Martingale

Using this martingale is like having "A spare pair of hands" 


We have tried using the normal 'bungee' martingale but found they were too severe and could overbend a horse.


The French martingale is a more gentle option that can be adjusted according to the size of the horse and encourages the horse to work in the right outline without forcing them.


The trigger hooks clip onto the bit rings and the elastic allows for movement.


Made especially for Equine Fitness by O.Shepherd & Sons.


Stay Cool Rug


This Stay Cool Rug has the same cooling properties as the Stay Cold Boots.


It is fully lined with the same special material that absorbs water and then releases it slowly drawing the heat away from the horse.


  • The cold panels gently draw heat away without shocking the body

  • Safe comfortable solution to heat stress

  • Cool natural relief without gels or refrigerants

  • Prevents 'breaking out' after an event

  • Speeds up the cooling off period

  • Nothing else like it on the market.