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Winning tongue plate bit


We are very excited to be promoting this fantastic award winning product from Australia which has amazing testimonials from hundreds of top southern hemisphere trainers. We are particularly interested in the fact that it can prevent soft palate displacement. We were somewhat sceptical as we normally like to full trial a new product first but having read all the testimonials and spoken to Adrian, in Australia who designed the bit and some of the trainers concerned we are 100% convinced. Apart from preventing displacement of the soft palate the tongue plate bit also has many other benefits. These are as follows - 

The WTP can

  • prevent displacement of the soft palate,
  • Stop abnormal respiratory noise
  • Reduce thickness of wind,
  • Provide better oxygen supply,
  • Proven to prevent bleeding at exercise (EIPH).
  • Stop the bit pinching the tongue,
  • Stop the horse getting the tongue over the bit,
  • Prevent the tongue hanging out the side of the mouth,
  • Stop the horse pulling or bolting,
  • Prevent the horse hanging and rearing,
  • Stop the horse headshaking,
  • The WTP bit also acts as a more effective and kind anti-rearing bit.

For soft palate displacement for racehorses the extended plate bits are recommended.  A wind operation will still be necessary for horses which have a larynx problem.

Our preferred option is the lozenge WTP bits which are very gentle on the horses mouth but train the tongue to stay in place.

Click onto this link http://www.iiwinners.com/tonqueplate/testimonials.html 

half_cheek_ep.jpgHalf cheek lightweight extended plate

dsel_np.jpgDee snaffle eggbutt normal plate

For any other bit problems - hanging, rearing, head shaking, or any pain associated with your normal bit a normal plate is recommended

Questions and Answers

When you answer the following questions, we can advise you on the best bit to use.
1.       How did you hear about the WTP Bit? Stand at Burghley Horse Trails I picked up a brochure
2.       What type of the horse industry are you involved in e.g. leisure, equestrian, eventing, etc. Professional event rider
3.       What is the problem with your horse? I have one that is very strong that is difficult to settle and turn and another that is alway messing around with it's tongue and not taking a true contact because its tongue is always flicking about.
4.       How many horses do you have? 12 in when full
5.       What is the breed of your horse or horses? E.g Thoroughbred, Standard Bred, Warmblood etc.  Normally TB/  TBx's or warmbloods
6.       How big is your horse?  16.3
7.       What bit and size have you been using? 5.5" loose ring snaffle for the one that doesn't take a contact and jump the strong one in a copper roller SJ and a Hanoverian Pelham XC


Hi Louisa,

To purchase please contact our UK reseller Pauline Harkin Equine Fitness Tel – 01295 660066 which you met at the Burghley horse trials.

Thank you for your answers below. Any snaffles, including French snaffles with exposed and folding joints will cause mouthing issues. It does not make any difference what they are made of e.g sweet iron, salox etc. it does not solve the real problems caused by bits.

We recommend you purchase a Loose ring 5.5-inch  EP and NP for your big horses but most thoroughbreds only need 5inch as you want the bit to stay central over the tongue. As soon as you take up bit contact you will notice you have plenty of room. For strong horses over the show jumping or Eventing course you can use the 3 or four ring WTP Bits.
All of our claims are supported by very impressive testimonials. Attached just a few of the hundred impressive testimonials we have including Olympic Eventing rider Megan Jones, Kevin Babington and Natalie Blundell and top show jumping rider Jenelle Waters.

These are the only bits in the world that have received an Australian international design award.

Your horse's tongue problem is due to pain caused by the bit and his attempt to evade the pain. Further if, for example, he hangs his tongue out the left side,  the right arm of a jointed snaffle will fold down and could be hitting the bars of the mouth which is bone and very sensitive.

There is a lot of difference between our bit as other snaffle bits have exposed joints that can cause pinching and fold upwards hitting the roof of the horses' mouth. Further the outer edges of the tongue are more sensitive and when the arms of a jointed snaffle fold downward you are squeezing the tongue between the bars of the mouth and the arms. Please read the brochure for additional explanations.

Most horses’ response is soft and immediate and others may take a few days as they could still be anticipating the pain caused from their previous bit. We also recommend you try them on your other horses. Although you think, they may be fine but some horses tolerate pain better, however, it does not mean they are happy and performing at their best.

We recommend an extended plate for a horse with a tongue or breathing issue tongue over the bit or tongue hanging out or bulging the tongue back. We recommend they purchase the EP and NP and start the horse in an extended plate to get them out of the habit and then after a few weeks try the normal plate in training and alternate the two bits.  Then just use the normal plate on a Dressage competition day.

The Loose ring universal 3 and four ring design
Show jumping and Eventing winners can be determined partly by the fastest time. These designs are great for show jumping and Eventing riders who need to slow down quickly going into a jump and immediately after jumping. The horse will have a soft and responsive bit but with the added leverage for slowing down quickly and turning sharply or for better control of strong horses. The extended plate can also work great on strong horses.

Some riders who have used our bits find it easy to then identify other horses with bit problems and are purchasing horses at a low price then replacing the bit with a WTP Bit then reselling them at a good profit.

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends.

Look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,
Adrian (designer of the WTP bit)

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The DSEL (Dee Snaffle Eggbutt Lighweight) bit can be used for all equestrian disciplines. Perfect for the young horse.The lozenge plate keeps the tongue in position and develops the muscles in the...
Dee snaffle eggbutt lightweight normal plate
For soft palate displacement the extended plate bits are recommended.. WTP- Winning Tongue Plate bits come in a design to suit every horse and rider combination. Suitable for ...
Dee snaffle lightweight extended plate
Helps with steering and extra braking. Used in racing yards on bigger, stonger horses.  Perfect for the young horse.The lozenge plate keeps the tongue in position and develops the muscles in...
Dexter ring bit normal plate
Good for extra steering and braking. Particularly good for the keen horse who also displaces its palate
Dexter ring bit with extended plate
This bit is excellent for the strong horse.
Dutch Gag one ring extended plate
This bit is excellent for the stonger horse. Also perfect for the young horse.The lozenge plate keeps the tongue in position and develops the muscles in the tongue to encourage it to stay in the...
Dutch gag one ring with normal plate
This bit is excellent for the stronger horse. Firm but fair.
Dutch gag with two rings extended plate
This bit is perfect for the stronger horse. Firm but fair.
Dutch gag with two rings normal plate
  The half cheek WTP bit is particularly popular with young horses to provide some lateral guiding, also for horses who have a tendency to hang. The extended plate keeps the tongue in place and...
Half cheek lightweight extended plate
The half cheek WTP bit is particularly popular with young horses to provide some lateral guiding. The normal plate helps to keep the tongue in position and to build up the tongue muscles so...
Half cheek lightweight normal plate
The loose ring extended tongue plate bit can be used for any discipline. It is far more gentle than the normal snaffle as it does not rub on the roof of the mouth or pinch. The WT plate bit...
Loose ring extended plate
The loose ring normal tongue plate bit can be used for any discipline. It is far more gentle than the normal snaffle as it does not rub on the roof of the mouth or pinch. The WT plate bit reduces the...
Loose ring normal plate
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