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NEW training surcingle

NEW training surcingle
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Superior quality Astride
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The Astride - The NEW training surcingle

Are you starting a young horse?

Looking for a way to keep your horse in condition when you aren't able to ride or an exercise rider is unavailable?

Are you bringing a horse back from an injury or surgery?

Do you want to increase bone density and muscle mass?

Would you like to decrease the chance of injury?

Would you sometimes rather put the horse on the walker than ride out in the rain?

The Astride may be the answer for you!

Equine Fitness is always looking for new and practical ways to increase fitness in horses and The Astride from the US has particularly taken our interest. It is the first patented training surcingle that safely allows for the gradual introduction of rider weight. Designed to carry soft lead weight bags, the Astride allows you to control the amount of weight your horse will carry. Now your horse can gradually adjust to the weight and sensation of a rider early in training, while simultaneously improving his condition and strength.

Research conducted at Michigan State University, and widely researched in the UK conclusively proved the benefits of weight training on young horses. This research has lead to the Astride's popularity in the racehorse and competition horse industry, helping trainers build bone density and muscle mass in young horses before starting them under saddle. Building a stronger, and better balanced horse can help prevent potentially career-ending injuries in horses involved in competitive equine sports.

The Astride is a useful training aid for all equine disciplines, and can be easily incorporated into a variety of ground work training programs: lunging, long reining, leading and on the horse walker

The Astride is also proving useful in veterinary clinics for determining lameness and assisting with post injury rehabilitation.

The Astride offers a solution for trainers having difficulty finding exercise riders, and is a perfect compliment for use with free-flow exercisers.

And it's affordable! astride-2-web_1.jpg

Click here to view the MSU study    Research done in the UK http://www.hblb.org.uk/sndFile.php?fileID=%2011

The Astride is constructed from high quality leather, with generously flocked, wool panels and a wide reinforced gullet. Two vertical side pockets and a soft, zippered top pocket hold the weights. The entire underneath surface of the top pocket is supported by the wool flocked panels. The soft lead weight bags shift like sand and help simulate the weight and feel of a rider. And since dead or "static" weight can be more difficult to carry than live weight, the Astride totally weighted is sufficient for conditioning for the equivalent of average, full rider weight.

The Astride includes one double elastic girth available in four sizes (18",20",22",24"), allowing the surcingle to fit large ponies or yearlings, mature horses, and large warmbloods comfortably. Additional girths and girths with heart monitors inserted can be purchased separately if you plan on using the Astride on multiple horses.

Ideal for starting young horses, the Astride helps make the breaking process less stressful, offering your horse a chance to slowly adjust to the feel of rider weight during ground work while also improving his balance and strength.

Racehorse and competition horse trainers are finding the Astride useful for maintaining and improving condition when an exercise rider is unavailable. Easy to use while riding one and leading the other, lunging or long-reining, multiple D rings allow for a variety of training rein placements.

The Astride can help aid your horse during his recovery from an injury or surgery, as weight can be slowly reintroduced in a controlled manner.

A growing number of trainers are using the Astride to condition young horses before starting strenuous training, and for improving condition for yearling sales and halter classes. The Astride stays stable during use and can be safely used to condition horses on treadmills and mechanical exercisers.

The concept of pre-conditioning young horses has become increasingly popular due to recent research on weight training and it's success in developing bone density and muscle mass on young horses:

Astride customers include:
Hall of Fame racehorse trainer, Richard Mandella, H. James Bond/Song Hill Thoroughbreds, Dan Hendricks, The Stables of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz and Sons, Old Frankfort Stud, B.C.3 Thoroughbreds, Hamilton Farm, D-Arrigo Racing Stables, Lope Texas, Robert O. Mayer Riding Academy, River Ridge Ranch, Rolling Oaks Farm, Selway Rehabilitation Centre, South 64 Rehabilitation Centre, Cornell University and the New Bolton Centre

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Information on Ordering An Astride


The Astride
 The Top Quality Astride is made from premium Herman Oak leather, and comes complete with a custom fleece pad and one double-elastic girth available in four sizes.
Available in Black only, £525

 The Economy Astride is very popular and is made from durable Water Buffalo leather, and comes complete with a custom fleece  pad and one double elastic girth available in four sizes.
 Available in Black or Havanna (dark) Brown, £345

Weights are ordered seperately. Each 12.5 Kg of bagged soft weight = £30.00 + VAT

 Both Astrides are covered by our two year warranty and satisfaction guarantee.
Before you place your order, please review the following information about the Astride and choose the appropriate girth size for your horse.
18" girth - 13.2 to 14.2 hands , 20" girth - 14.3 to 15.1 hands, 22” girth – 15.2 to 16.1 hands, 24” girth – 16.2 to 17.2 hands