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GPS speed distance and digital heart monitor

racehorse.gifEquine Fitness has been trying to develop the ultimate heart rate monitor for horse training and has been testing various options. We have now combined the knowledge and expertise of Garmin and by adapting their superior technology with our knowledge of horse training and incorporating this into our unique heart monitor girths we are confident we have found the one.

The Equine Fitness Elite Heart Monitor

  • Equine Fitness Elite HM incorporates a DIGITAL HEART RATE MONITOR plus speed and distance to add another dimension to your training sessions.
  • Shows heart rate (beats per minute) on a custom screen and zones (between 1 and 5)
  • The speed can show in mph or metres per second
  • A 'virtual pacemaker' can be used to ensure that your horse is traveling at the required speed
  • Lap history—such as lap time, lap distance, and average pace—Ideal for interval work, can be stored for up to two years.
  • Performance data can be automatically archived and calculated to provide an accurate record - good for making comparisons from one week to the next.
  • Lap timer indicates when a certain speed is reached or when you've fallen below a pre-set level.
  • The Equine Fitness Elite GPS watch has a pace whistle sounds alert when you begin traveling slower or faster than your desired pace.
  • Heart Rate Zone alarm, to help you maintain your desired intensity     
  • Elevation - it shows how steep your gallops are and how this affects your horse's heart rate.

Downloading the data

After downloading your data from the Equine Fitness Elite HM you will see on the main Garmin Training Centre page, the graph below the map charts your horse's pace, speed, heart rate or elevation data based on time or distance. With one mouse click, you can change the data shown on each axis or zoom in and out on the graph. Move the cursor along the graph to see exactly what speed you were traveling or how fast your horse's heart was beating at that point in time. These features let you pinpoint specific areas and see how elevation and other factors affect your horse's performance.


Each training session can then be stored for future reference or in the case of Trainers or paid yards the information can be e-mailed to the owners.


The Equine Fitness Elite HM is extremely practical and easy to use, however, if you would like a demonstration in your own yard please contact Equine Fitness on 01295660066

International Patent No - 000321
GB Patent No. - 0601890.7/0625684.6 
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