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Girth Heart Monitor for Endurance horses

The Girth Heart Monitor for Endurance horses

To get the full enjoyment from this wonderful sport it is imperative that your horse is completely fit. There has been a lot of research done on conditioning an endurance horse by using heart monitors. Sadly up to now the heart monitors that are on the market can be rather difficult to use and not always 100% reliable. Not anymore...Equine Fitness has developed a girth that endurance_rider.jpgis especially designed with the endurance rider in mind. It is extra wide so that there is no chance of over girthing your horse. It is also essential that the pectoral muscles of the horse are not restricted which can happen with a narrow girth. It is made with the softest cotton for maximum comfort. It can easily be washed. The sensors of the heart monitor are set in the girth and will tell you how hard your horse is working. The monitor will tell you the maximum beats per minute, the minimum, the average, and the work time. Most importantly you will know the recovery rate and whether your horse is ready for that big event.

The Girth Heart Monitor can also be used in conjunction with a GPS, speed and distance monitor. For more information click on to http://www.equinefitness.co.uk/gps-speed-distance-and-heart-rate-for-endurance-riders-i32.html

RETURN POLICY - If dissatisfied the product can be returned undamaged within 10 days of purchase for a full refund.

GB Patent No. - 0601890.7/0625684.6  International Patent No - 000321