Cold Therapy Wraps for humans

Due to the fantastic results we have been getting from our Equine Stay Cold Boots we have launched a new line of products for our human customers.
These Stay Cold therapy wraps are designed on the same basis as our very successful Stay Cold Boots and are already proving to be incredibly popular.

NATURAL cooling - NO Gel. NO chemicals.

  • They work on evaporative cooling
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Control pain
  • Ideal for post operative treatment
  • Designed to maintain optimum cooling temperature for maximum healing
  • Can be frozen or soaked in water
  • Designed not to give 'ice burn' (unlke frozen peas!)
  • Can be used over and over again.
  • Nothing else like these on the market.

staycoldkneewrap.jpg staycoldachilleswrap.jpg staycoldshoulderwrap.jpg

staycoldwristwrap.jpg staycoldarmwrap.jpg staycoldelbowwrap.jpg

The secret behind the effectiveness of these boots is the different linings that have been especially selected to absorb the maximum amount of water and then release the heat molecules drawing the heat away from the injured area and cooling the blood.
They work from the inside out and not just like every other cooling product which just cools the outside layers for a short period until they start to heat up. STAY COLD therapy wraps continue to cool without giving ice burn. They are ideal to use after each workout as a precautionary measure just by soaking them in water, but for the injury that needs ice then soak them and pop them in the freezer. Unlike frozen peas (!) they can be worn whilst going about normal activities.
Although they may look more expensive than other cooling products it must be remembered that these wraps can be used over and over again - No gel, chemicals, sprays or time consuming ice cubes involved and they last forever.